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Church Planting

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Church Planting

Church planting should be the ultimate aim of all missionary enterprise. It is what we are to readily anticipate when the Great Commission is fulfilled.  If there is no obedience to our Master’s mission we cannot expect the birthing of New Testament churches.

While the pangs that accompany the inception of a church can be arduous and discouraging at times, they pale in comparison to the joys it brings.  The fresh sense of body life, the heartfelt love that believers have for one another, and the bond of being a faith family, produces a heighten awareness of commitment to Jesus Christ and His body.

It has been a great privilege to have been on the ground floor of two church plants over the years.  Both experiences were priceless.  To serve without the deadness and drag of traditionalism brings a renewed sense of spiritual reality and simplicity in the worship of God and love for the saints.

It is our prayer that the church that has been purchased by the infinite price of Christ’s blood will shake off the encumbering weights of being ingrown, sectarian, and lethargic to pursue the gospel driven vision and vigor that is so essential in planting churches.

Although many may be physically or financially limited in what they can do in this worthy enterprise, it is of paramount importance that we maintain an unwavering commitment to its success.  For every church that ceases to be missional, runs the risks of becoming a mission field.   As Charles Spurgeon put it,

“It is with cheerfulness that we dismiss our twelves, our twenties, our fifties to form other churches. We encourage our members to leave us to found other churches; nay, we seek to persuade them to do it. We ask them to scatter throughout the land, to become the goodly seed which God shall bless. I believe that so long as we do this, we shall prosper. I have marked other churches that have adopted the other way, and they have not succeeded.”