As a local church ministry, we seek to edify believers through preaching and teaching the gospel of grace.  We believe that Christ-centered preaching is revival preaching and it is the kind of preaching that God delights in honoring in the conversion of sinners and the reviving of His people. We refuse to use any of the world’s gimmicks to advance the kingdom of God. Therefore, our commitment to you is…

  • There will be no manipulation or manufacturing of revival
  • We come to serve and support the local church and pastor
  • We will not be “numbers oriented” but “people oriented”
  • The services will be substantive and biblical
  • We desire to see what God can do, not what man can produce
  • Our chief concern is long-term benefit, not immediate results
  • There will be no pressured invitations
  • We will be more focused on inward change than outward response
  • We will believe God with you for a genuine work of God

Used by permission: Life Action Ministries

It is our prayer that Christ will give His Word success in the lives of people. We believe that only God can produce remaining fruit.