October 10, 2011

Unsolicited Endorsement and Recommendation
Pastor Jon Cardwell

Having Don Currin minister the Word of God to both our Flowing Faith Conference and the annual meeting of our pastors’ fellowship was such a tremendous blessing that, though a recommendation was never solicited by Brother Don or anyone attached to his ministry, I was convicted so deeply in the value of his ministry as a missionary and itinerant preacher, that I wrote a letter commending his ministry. The content of my recommendation may be read below:

Dearest Brethren and Co-Laborers in Christ Jesus,

Greetings in Jesus Christ’s precious and exalted name!

In the summer of 2010, knowing that our congregation in Anniston would host the 10th Annual Meeting of our pastors’ fellowship, Paul Washer recommended that I check the availability of Don Currin; and what a blessing that turned out to be.

Brother Currin had not only ministered to our Annual Meeting, but was flexible and accommodating to minister God’s Word to us for our four-day Flowing Faith Conference. His messages were timely and appropriate, filled with truth that was tailored from heaven just for our spiritual needs.  Brother Don’s wife, Cindy, also ministered to the pastor’s wives and other ladies present while the men conducted our annual business meeting.

What is most evident about Brother Don’s ministry, is his passionate heart to see Christ’s churches thrive in the gospel truth, to see Christ’s people grow in the grace of God’s Word, and to see the local congregations fulfill their call as that blessed means Christ has ordained to advance His kingdom. His clear preaching, his transparent humility, his love for God’s Word, and his tender care for God’s people are merely the tip of the iceberg in this ministry that God has certainly blessed.

Brother Don has not solicited this recommendation in any way. As the post-conference dust has settled, our hearts still reflect upon the blessed Word received through my dear brother’s prayerful ministry. I whole-heartedly commend Don Currin and his wife, Cindy, to you as faithful servants of Christ Jesus; and I pray that the Lord continues to provide them every opportunity to bless others for God’s glory.

Through our time together, not only have I received the blessed opportunity to know Don a bit more as an itinerant evangelist with Don Currin Ministries and as a missions’ coordinator with HeartCry Missionary Society, I am tremendously blessed to be able to call Don my friend. If the opportunity would arise again by God’s providence, I would not hesitate to have Don and Cindy minister to our congregation again, and again.

Pastor Jon Cardwell
Anniston, AL

July 23, 2014
Pastor Sorin Prodan

I feel privileged to say a few words about Don Currin for whom I have a deep appreciation and great respect. I met Brother Don through the ministry of HeartCry Missionary Society around 2006, as he joined the HeartCry family in our need of coordinating the European mission field. By that time, I had been involved in overseeing the church planting efforts in Eastern Europe, serving around 35 missionaries. As Don began his first trips to Romania with the purpose of teaching in HeartCryconferences, I noticed the depth of his teaching and the passion of his proclamation. There is nothing unintentional in Don’s sermons, but everything said seems to be the result of laborious work over the Word of God matched with a consistent time in prayer. His love for the Word and for the writings of the Puritans is obvious in his preaching and teaching.

Another thing that increased my respect for Brother Don is his commitment as a husband and a father. I have rarely met men that love their wives with the same passion and tenderness that Don exhibits. His care, his supportive presence, and his words of encouragement for Cindy worked as great examples in my life long carrier as a husband. As a matter of fact, he played a major role in helping me seek a godly wife, and assisting me in my first years of marriage.

We have spent many hours together, travelling, teaching in conferences, preaching in churches, and visiting missionaries in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Italy, and other places. All of the missionaries received encouragement as a result of his preaching, but also, with the loving care in which he assisted many individuals and missionary couples. Don never takes a job lightly but he puts much effort into doing things good and right. His standard of excellence is characteristic to his personality.

A concept that is deeply related to Don’s vision of what he is called to be, and feels called to inspire others to, is what he refers to as, “a man of integrity.” This is not something he teaches flippantly, but it is clearly seen in his character. He taught me to keep in mind this high calling, and never compromise any of the requirements of the qualifications of a man of God.

I am forever indebted to Brother Don for his influence in my formation and development as a coordinator for HeartCry Missionary Society and I am thankful to God for his example. I know that one day, when we are all in glory, he will then be able to fully comprehend the magnitude of his investment in the life of young ministers like me, and others that he serves in this part of the world.

Pastor Sorin Prodan


July 31, 2014
Co – Pastors Jack Gautreau & Aristide Nyounai 

Don & Cindy Currin have been long time friends and mentors, as well as, dedicated and fruitful partners in the work of the Gospel.  We have known them for over a decade now. Their passion for the Church and Christ is simply outstanding and provides an inspiration to both church members and leaders.

Don & Cindy have ministered to our church as conference speakers, counselors and advisors. Don’s ministry is marked by a strong desire to witness God’s Word transform his people around the world. Providence was not an exception to this. Not one of Don’s visits has left the church unchallenged, uninspired or unmoved. Long after his visit, families and individuals are still growing through the meditations and pursuit of change instilled by his messages and counsel. His ministry is without a doubt one of the most consistent and transforming tool of our church.

His life and personal testimonies provide a powerful confirmation of the Gospel he preaches. In this day when many mature leaders seem to stagnate spiritually, it is impressive to see Don demonstrating and testifying of the continuous gracious work of God in his own life.

[As a young believer over a decade ago, I was deeply moved by the harmony between his humility and his dedication to be shaped by the Word of God. I held the office of Pastor in such high regard that I would dissociate it from a life marked by sin. So I was surprised, impressed and inspired to see modelled in his personal life the need for redemption and daily renewal, as well as, the privilege and power to be an instrument in God’s hands – Pastor Aristide] [As a struggling Pastor with a struggling Church brother Don was a God send.  His visits to Providence Christian Church were not just to bring a message and then leave.  Brother Currin counselled, encouraged and mentored myself and the leadership of Providence each time he visited. He became our friend and there was a bond which helped to hold our Church together.  I am thankful for the relationship that has developed over the years and continues even to this day. Don loves the Church of Christ and I am thankful he loves Providence Christian Church – Pastor Jack]

The Lord has used many things to contribute to the strength of Don’s ministry; his character, his faith, his doctrine, his experience, his partners & friends. But his greatest strength has proven to be his wife, Cindy, who ministered by his side and in their home providing a godly environment for him and their children. Cindy is a model of faithfulness and a fruitful teacher and counselor to the women in our church.

Our families and church family have been greatly blessed by Don & Cindy’s ministry. Our prayer is that the Lord would bless more churches around the world through them.

In His Grace,

Pastors Jack Gautreau & Aristide Nyounai
Riverview, NB  CANADA