Jeremiah 47:6

O thou sword of the LORD, how long will it be ere thou be quiet? put up thyself into thy scabbard, rest, and be still.

In a 1980 interview, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was asked the question, “What do you think Christianity ought to say to the economic situation today?” He answered, “I think the great message we must preach is God’s judgment on men and on the world.”

Dr. Lloyd-Jones went on to underscore the importance of this message when he said, “The condition of the modern world proves that what we must preach more than ever is “Escape from the wrath to come!”

Later in the interview, Lloyd-Jones was asked whether or not Christian influence could produce a Christian culture. To which the preacher replied,

“No. It will never come. All Scripture is against that. It’s impossible. In the present world situation – it has never been more critical -all civilization is rocking, and we are facing collapse, morally, politically, and in every other way. I would have thought that surely at this time our urgent message should be, ‘Flee from the wrath to come!”

As the interview came to a close, Martyn Lloyd-Jones was asked, “What parting word have you for the secular man or woman who does not take Jesus Christ seriously?”

Lloyd – Jones replied;

“Flee from the wrath to come and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ”.