Like most modern day innovations, social media has proven to be highly successful. Networks such as Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter, Instagram and others have enhanced communication for the good of the church and propagation of the gospel.  But while social networking has its rewards, it also is yielding among its users a harvest of horrific consequences.

For example, in an article entitled Social Media, Singleness and Hidden Adultery, Mrs. Brenda Rogers says,

No other time in our culture’s history has our past remained a part of our present like it does today with social media. Before, when your ex-boyfriend walked out the door that final time, it was the last time, and he became nothing but a memory that eventually faded. However, now with social media, memories of past romantic relationships never fade. They’re always one click away.

Recently, a woman on Facebook related how she was disposing of the clutter in her home. Among her possessions were greeting cards that she had received from various family members and friends over the years.  In a post she shared with her Facebook friends some of the cards that she treasured most.  Among them was a Valentine card that she received from the man who is now her husband. Sadly, she received it while they were both married to other people.

What is most disturbing is what believers share. Without any concern for the feelings of others, they post comments and pics on Facebook that would make most Christians blush if they were said or displayed in their presence.  The coarse profanity, lust inciting apparel, and disdain for the feelings of others have served to blight the consciences of countless believers and their children.

So what’s the answer?

First of all, I want to say that I have no objection to believers being a part of social media so long as they participate responsibly in the fear of the Lord.  Every Christian’s ultimate intent should be the goodwill of others and, more importantly, the glory of God.  And if the motive of believers is to minister grace to the hearers, and viewers, in the body of Christ, then it is a worthy means of magnifying the Lord Jesus Christ.

The following are a few biblical principles in the form of questions that should govern our social networking:

      1. Will my words glorify God?  I Corinthians 10:31
      2. Will my words enlarge Christ’s kingdom or mine?  Romans 14:17
      3. Will my pics and words cause others to stumble? Romans 14:15
      4. Will my words minister help and hope to the readers?
      5. Will my words be a platform to vent my anger and create division? James 3:14-18
      6. Are my words couched in love? Ephesians 5:2
      7. Could my words incite bitterness, hatred and ungodliness? James 1:20